3rd Edition

Global Pride Awards 2024 Presenting Achievers of Exemplary Professional Excellence

IT Leadership Excellence Award- 2024

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Mr. V Sreedhar Reddy

General Manager- IT Promotions

Entrepreneurial Excellence Award- 2024

Biswajith Baruah

Mr. Biswajit Baruah

Hive Sustainable Solutions


Investment Excellence Award- 2024

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Mr. Siddhant Vivek Varma

Banking & Finance

Administrative Leadership In Student Affairs - 2024

DP (3)

Mr. Nurul Hossain


Emerging Leader In Industrial Real Estate Consulting

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Mr. Sandeep Achari

Maha Industry

Visionary Product Innovators Of The Year- 2024

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Mr. Suraj Ratnakar Shetty

Fun Play Systems Pvt. Ltd.

Emerging Brand Of The Year- 2024

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Mr. Shayamal Kumar Tunga

Joy Shrishyam Pharmaceuticals Pvt.Ltd.

Emerging Woman Leader In Business

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Ms. Samriddhi Bhattacharyya


Emerging Life Coach of the Year - 2024

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Dr. Neelima Bhardwaj.


Emerging Fashion Talent Of The Year - 2024

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Ms. Ranjitha badradri


Young Achiever Award

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Ms. Dipanpreet Kaur

Special Category

Fashion Model of the Year - 2024

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Mr. Prince Katara


Craftsmanship Excellence Award - 2024


Ms. Kusuma M

SNN Art and Creations

Tech Manufacturing Excellence Award - 2024

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Mrs. Shruti Surya

August Devices india Private limited

Youth Leadership Award - 2024

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Mr. Abhinav Rao

Special Category

SDG Youth Influencer of the Year- 2024

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Mr. Vignesh Velappan

Seyal Foundation

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Leadership in Dance Education Award

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Mr. Renuka Prasad

Kalajyothi kalakendra, ABCD Dance Academy

Product Consulting Excellence Award

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Mr. Prabhakar Bhangare

Global PCCS Pvt. Ltd.

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Design Icon Award

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Mr. Rahul Dev


Young Changemaker Of The Year - 2024

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Mr. Kalvin Richard

The Iksha Foundation

The ikshā foundation (1)

Lifetime Achievement Award- Female


Mrs. Meera Sundaram


Runway Diva Of The Year - 2024

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Ms. Sania Ismail


Business Management Excellence Award

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Mr. Vimal Vijay

Special Category

Male Icon Of The Year - 2024

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Mr. Harshad V Acharya

Information Technology

Emerging Business Of The Year - 2024

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Mr. Ravichandra G Doddihal


Innovation in Assistive Technology Award


Mr. Raghu D

Kaiteki Innovations Pvt. Ltd.

Naturopathy Dietetics Excellence Award


Dr. V. Madhan Kumar


Excellence In Makeup Artistry

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Ms. M.V Sayini


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Selfless Service Award - 2024


Dr. Vijay Madhav Kulkarni


Most Trusted Property Developers Of The Year - 2024

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Mr. Er. Gopi

Star Property Developers

Service Over Self Award- 2024

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Adv. Serene Yadav

Uddaan Foundation

Inspirational Educator Award- 2024

DP (3)

Dr. Amol B. Kasture


Educational Leadership Award- 2024

Screenshot_20240211-204446_Gallery (1) (1)

Ms. Suma B Pai


Youth Changemaker Award

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Mr. Tony Jesuraj

Social Service

Manufacturing Excellence Award

IMG_20240219_172829 (1)

Mr. Ramesh MN

Beereshwar Concrete Products

Psychological Excellence Award -2024

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Mrs. Mohammad Mahaboob Farzana


Leadership In Industry Award

Santhosh Kumar (1)

Mr. Santhosh Kumar

Raws N Greens Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.

Excellence In Siddha Medical Practice

mohamed rizwan

Dr. Mohamed Rizwan N


Exemplary Male Icon - Social Service

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Dr. Rajesh Kumar

Medical Officer

Teaching Excellence Of the Year- 2024

DP (3)



Young Prodigy in Classical Dance Arts

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Ms. Nallamilli Koushitha Aradhya Hiranya Reddy


Young Dental Achiever Of The Year

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Dr. Rashmi Priya


Emerging Artist Award

DP (3)

Ms. Priyanka Bhise


Exemplary Women Empowerment Icon

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Mrs. S. Triveni .


Excellence In Teaching Award

DP (3)

Mr. Ramnath Sahebrao Dhanve


Outstanding Educator Award

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Mrs. Bhargavi.D.V